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Shakespeare Approves!

Rated G ~ Show ~ Comedy, Interactive, Musical

William Shakespeare was one of the few playwrights to win enormous fame while still living. Shakespeare Approves! is one of those rare shows an entire family can really enjoy together. "CAUTION:" you may break out in song at this show.

Appearing at the Queen Stage

  • Sat Nov 4th 11:00am
  • Sun Nov 5th 11:00am
  • Sat Nov 11th 11:00am
  • Sun Nov 12th 11:00am
  • Sat Nov 18th 11:00am
  • Sun Nov 19th 11:00am
  • Sat Nov 4th 1:15pm
  • Sun Nov 5th 1:15pm
  • Sat Nov 11th 1:15pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 1:15pm
  • Sun Nov 19th 1:15pm
  • Sat Nov 4th 3:30pm
  • Sun Nov 5th 3:30pm
  • Sat Nov 11th 3:30pm
  • Sun Nov 12th 3:30pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 3:30pm
  • Sun Nov 19th 3:30pm

About Willy Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is also known as the "Immortal Bard" because his stories have become timeless and have been popular ever since he wrote them. Long after his death, they are frequently performed year after decade, after centuries. One of the things often misunderstood by modern audiences is that Master Shakespeare would adapt his shows to match the audience, so they could be entertained to the maximum. Join Willy Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment, sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, romance, shipwrecks, musical numbers, death by fluffy kittens, and … being pursued by a bear. The Shakespearean adventures are performances shaped to be fun for everyone! Where there’s a Will, there’s a Play!

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