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Why portable potties instead of toilets?

Can we get flush toilets at the Renfest?

In short, portable toilets are our only option.

The long answer: We would love to have an established septic system to tie into city sewage. We have worked with parish (county) sanitation inspectors, and US and Canadian civil engineers, to find a system that would work for us.

Basically, the only systems that can handle our volume of sewage have one of two critical problems: 1. They would be far too smelly. OR 2. They can't function properly. All effective systems need a large amount of live bacteria to break down sewage. Our 10 months of non-use kills most of the bacteria, making these expensive systems non-functional for several months (and not permitted by the sanitation department). While we have spent years looking at a multitude of options, and researching with the help of professionals, we do not have a reasonable option that can handle 50,000 people in six weekends.