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Indigo is an 18.2 hand percheron gelding. Our biggest horse, he is quite the jousting horse, rolling thunder in the list, with loads of personality.


Here are two, one is Tara a 14 year old percheron draft horse mare, who has been with us for 4 years. She is a very good jousting horse and loves people. 


Madison Misty's Cole aka Gianni is a 13 year old purebred registered English Shire and an up and coming performer.  He is very friendly, gentle and  a fan favorite.


Luke is an 18 year old purebred registered English Shire gelding. Shires are a rare and endangered breed of horse and the Pegasus Shires are the only commercial team of Grey Shires in the state of Louisiana. Luke has been the star of movies commercials, countless photo shoots and news and magazine features. Has performed with the New Orleans Opera, Anime Matsuri Fashion show in Houston TX and is the megawatt star of the Pegasus Stable. We are very proud of his accomplishments.


Pepper’s Story:  Born in 1989, Pepper is a retired falconry bird.  A great hunter and personality, she is still going strong and is used for both education and pest bird and wildlife abatement work, for which she excels at both.  Her wise, gentle personality along with hunting skills, have made her a valuable addition to our programs. Pepper is a member of the Harris’ squadron of theOrganic Air ForceTM at


Mary-Fiona’s Story:  Mary-Fiona was captive bred at the Peregrine Fund in 2008.  She was used in free-flight programs.  She was handled and flown by several people.   Her personality requires her to be handled by one falconer.  She is very possessive of her lure and a single, experienced falconer is needed to deal with is this issue.  In 2012 she came to us as her new falconers.  She loves to fly to the lure and stays close to her falconer.  She now flies to the lure for us in our programs.


Elwood’s Story:  Elwood is a captive-bred gyr/peregrine hybrid.  His father is a black phase gyrfalcon whom has been an excellent hunter.  His mother is a Aleutian Peale’s Peregrine from the Aleutian Islands. Considered the largest peregrines in the world.  His prior falconer hunted with him and Elwood is an excellent hunter but developed health issues.   He suffers from epileptic type seizures when flying at high velocity.   This makes him highly vulnerable to piracy and predation by other predators; such as eagles, great-horned owls and red-tailed hawks.


Doc’s Story:Doc was found starving in Florida on the side of the road.  He had no equipment on and was obviously a captive bred, escaped falconry-trained hawk. He is a good hunter, but lost his right, rear talon in an unknown injury.  Which greatly affects his ability to catch game.   He was taken to Peace River Wildlife and treated there.  He was re-homed to a falconer who enjoyed his gentle personality and intelligence.  He was transferred to us as an educational bird and he has become one of our best fliers.


Mercedes Story: Captive-bred in 2005.  When we started training her, we noted that her flying and therefore hunting skills were not that good.  She lists (yaw) to the left and it took us a long time and lots of flying to get her to fly accurately and not miss her perch.   She is a highly reliable hawk and loves to take ‘free rides’ on the T post we use in our work.  She likes to stay close to her falconers.    She also likes to sit in the audience bleachers, right next to people, watch the show then come back to her falconers and training box.


Newtons’ Story:  Captive bred in 2002, Newton joined our group as our first owl.  He is a delight to have around.  He is an imprint. And demonstrates the accurate hearing that owls use to locate prey.  Barn owls are even able to locate mice under six inches of snow by listening to the heartbeat of the mouse. You can invite barn owls to live on your property or neighborhood by putting up nest boxes for them. Then you will have natural 24-hour rodent control


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