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Lutenist Request Show

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Rated G ~ Show ~ Comedy, Interactive, Musical

Craig of Farrington is the Lutenist of Albright and takes requests, Enjoy your favorites.

Appearing at the Hobgoblin Hill Puppet Stage

  • Sat Nov 4th 4:00pm
  • Sun Nov 5th 4:00pm
  • Sat Nov 11th 4:00pm
  • Sun Nov 12th 4:00pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 4:00pm
  • Sun Nov 19th 4:00pm
  • Fri Nov 24th 4:00pm
  • Sat Nov 25th 4:00pm
  • Sun Nov 26th 4:00pm
  • Sat Dec 2nd 4:00pm
  • Sun Dec 3rd 4:00pm
  • Sat Dec 9th 4:00pm
  • Sun Dec 10th 4:00pm

About Craig of Farrington

The Albright Lutenist is quick with a tune. He frequently asks if you had your ballad today; feel free to ask him for a ballad, even better if you are with the one you love (or like a lot).