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Admission Prices

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 ADMISSION PRICES   Child is (6-12 years), Under 6 years free.

  • ONE DAY ADMISSION: Adult  $20, — Child $12
  • TWO DAY: Adult $38 — Child $20
  • THREE DAY: Adult $55 — Child $28
  • FOUR DAY: Adult $70 — Child $34
  • SEASON PASS:            Adult $125, — Child $65  
  • FRIENDS OF FAIRE:    Adult $160, — Child $75
  • GROUP RATES            Adult   $17, — Child   $9   (ten or more tickets). 
  • WHOLESALE               50 or more tickets contact us. 985-429-9992

 LODGING   There are many area Hotels, Full Service Campgrounds, Bed & Breakfast locations, and on-site Rustic Camping.  On-Site rustic camping ranges from $25 to $90 per weekend.  Click here for more information on all Lodging optioins on and around the RenFest.


  • ONLINE TRANSACTIONS  — —   Go straight to the front gate, bypassing the ticket booth!  (credit & debit cards.)
  • ONSITE TRANSACTIONS  —  —   There are several places on site to purchase admissions, and more.
  • KIOSK  —  —   The onsite kiosks are self-checkout stations that take credit and debit cards (credit & debit cards.).
  • BOX OFFICE -  Our full-service onsite ticket booth, with a human (cash, COR, credit & debit cards).
  • WILL CALL —   Any window of the Box Office / onsite Ticket Booth.
    COR = "Coin Of Realm" tokens work like cash at faire, They can be purchased and redeemed at the Box Office or souvenir shops.   


  • ROYAL TEA & Meal  — —   Enjoy the company of the Queen for a light noonday meal, including several teas.
  • CRAFT BEER Show  —  —   Enjoy several craft beers along with the RenFest flair.
  • WINE Show  —  —   Several wines will be served along with fruit and cheese.
  • WHISKY Show —  —   Learn the difference between whiskey and whisky, and a little history mixed in with the RenFest entertainment.

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  • All online admission tickets are EXPRESS PASSES (bypassing the ticket booth waiting line).
  • You can purchase ONLINE anytime, day or night.
  • For your security: all online monetary transactions require an online account with our "QuickPrint" secure servers.
  • Our online ticket booth (QuickPrint) accepts all major credit cards, and debit cards.


  • Our self-check out kiosks accept all major credit cards.
  • Our onsite Ticket Booth accepts cash, COR, debit cards, and all major credit cards.
  • Will Call is at the onsite ticket booth, any window.

* Early Bird Daily Admission Discounts — 20% discount ends June 1st, 15% discount ends July 31st, 10% discount ends September 15th, 5% Discount ends Oct 15th. Early Bird Discounts apply automatically when purchasing online. (Early Admission Discounts do NOT apply to Season Passes or Friends of Faire Passes.)

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All Major CC's Accepted