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What are the rules on alcohol?


We have pubs all around the village that sell beer, mead, wine and mixed drinks -- we are happy for you to purchase and enjoy them on site. We also offer tasting events for beer, wine and whisky, which are popular and fun gatherings.

But you may NOT bring alcohol onto the fair site.

Alcohol legally purchased at faire can be carried or consumed anywhere ON the faire-grounds. Sealed containers of alcohol purchased at faire can be taken out.

What's a privy and where are the restrooms?

Renaissance festivals call their bathrooms "privy," even the porta-potties. We have put a handicap potty everywhere we have portables. Those in need of the handicap facilities get priority for their use, BUT the handicap facilities can be used by anyone if they are not in use AND no one in need of its "accessible" features is waiting. Those in need include people whose costumes take up too much space for a regular privy -- those wearing a hoop skirt, or excessive accouterments (swords, jacket, cloak, vest, cod piece, and more).

Are firearms welcome?

The RenFest is most likely the safest festival in Louisiana.

We shoot cannons every day of faire, have an amazing fireworks display on closing weekend, and on our pirate weekend our Albright pirates have a black powder gun fight and hijack the barge.

Can I bring my pet? = no


Legitimately certified service animals are welcome, and appreciated; However, a federal law applicable to our raptor display area supersedes the service animal access law; even licensed service animals are not allowed to approach confined/tethered raptors that are licensed by the federal government (it can cause the animals to harm themsleves, as they try to escape).

Can I bring my sword, axe, arrows..?

It's a conditional yes!  Most handheld weapons of the era are welcome and encouraged.

However (and here's the condition), all weapons must be safe!  That usually means they should be "peace-tied,"  and any sharp edges covered. We have the supplies and tools to peace-tie most weapons of the era, and will be glad to assist you at the front gate.  Functional firearms are not permitted, except for pre-arranged demonstrations. 


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